Vivo Y33S – A Highlight Of Indian Phones


The Vivo Y33S (Lteroid 3000 S) from MediaTek is a revolutionary mobile phone from the company. It has many unique features compared to other models available in the market. This article will let you know more about it.

The Vivo Y33s has a complete range of connectivity options. It is one of the first smartphones to have a complete array of connectivity options, including a micro SD card, USB micro adapter, mobile broadband modem, GPS receiver, radio, speaker phone, and TV out port. The built in voice dialer also allows you to make up to eight calls at the same time. The handset also supports a high definition video camera, dual camera inbuilt, and an infrared camera as well. All these amazing connectivity options make this smartphone an all around great mobile phone. Users can easily transfer data from their laptop to the smartphone or vice versa. vivo y33s

With the help of the Vivo Y33s, you can capture photos and videos with your own hands. You can use the front and back cameras to take quality photographs and videos. In order to make sure that the pictures and videos taken with this handset are free from errors, users can download any free software offered by the manufacture such as Vught, Magiclight or Oozie that aids in editing the photos and videos taken using the handset.

A powerful octa-core Mediatek Helio G 80 processor powers this smartphone. It offers two CPU jobs which help it in running multiple tasks simultaneously. This is the reason why Vivo Y33s comes with sixGB RAM. The phone has a clear display and supports a large number of languages including Hindi, English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. The phone runs on the Android operating system which is upgraded regularly.

The handset comes with a 5.2-inch capacitive touch screen that is very easy to use and operate. It also offers you complete navigation facilities. The handset comes with 16GB removable storage drive and features a non-removable battery. The six mega- pixel camera with V clarity is one of the best among mobiles in the market. The entire camera set up comes with one-touch operation and Omegazine support in the native language.

The handset offers you very good connectivity facilities with data backup, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS applications along with data transfer and internet browsing. The data obtained through the microSD card can be managed easily. The handset runs on Android platform and hence you will find all the popular applications such as Google play store, Gmail, Yahoo! Messenger and many others on the phone.

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